Linde Fuchs
8:27 AM GMT+0100

Why is it, that nobody publicly discusses how the excesses of the “the services” undermine the very constitution of the USA? A fifth power has ben established, able to undermine and control the legislative, juridical, executive branch AND the press.

All that is lacking is the “Will to power” of the services in order to “flip” the country. (or is it there and the public does not recognize it has happend already?).
In a split society like the US it is only a small step until one of sides determines that the guys on the other are a thread to the country that needs to be controlled just like foreigners.

It has been repeatedly confirmed and demonstrated that the other branches are not able to control the new one. The momentum that the USA are developing on the “slippery slope” the country is on can probably now still be held up. But how long?